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    How ServicePros Works for Pro's

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I receive leads?
    All leads are delivered to your email inbox. We can also send your leads directly into most CRM software such as Salesforce.
    What information does each lead contain?
    Each lead you receive will include the clients contact information and a description of their needs.
    Are leads shared or exclusive?
    We provide both exclusive leads (sent to only 1 Pro) and shared leads (sent to a max of 3 Pro's).
    What is your pricing?
    You only pay per lead you receive. The price per lead varies depending on what service the lead is for and the overall value of the lead.
    How do I pay for leads?
    We accept credit card payments through our secure payment gateway.
    Who are you?
    We’re a small team of Digital Marketing experts with a desire to keep things simple, transparent and effective. We specialise in lead generation for service businesses and work with clients worldwide.