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    Top 10 Best Criminal Defence Lawyers in Auckland

    Keam Law

    Auckland CBD, Auckland

    We are specialists in criminal offences - family and trust law - civil disputes.

    We understand that involving a lawyer in your life, is quite often something you did not have much of a choice with. The social issues that can affect us, such as issues around family, criminal, or employment matters, can be difficult, frustrating, and daunting. We understand this.

    We also understand that on top of the actual issues themselves, the thought of a legal process being involved in the outcome of your life, can be very overwhelming.

    Having other people involved in your private matters can seem intrusive and invasive. We appreciate what you are going through, and accept you for who you are. It is not our place to judge you, but it is our place to listen to what you are dealing with, evaluate the legal framework, and then outline the options open to you within the law.

    We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. This may not always be your ideal outcome, and it may also involve some compromise on your part, but it will be the best way forward to solve your problem.

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    Shane Tait

    Manukau, Auckland

    I am a senior criminal defence lawyer with more than 25 years of experience defending people charged with with a wide range of serious criminal offending. I act for defendants charged with offences ranging from assault and drug possession right through to murder and terrorism offences.

    I have a strong belief that every person facing criminal charges in this country is entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and to have a fair trial.

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    Steven Lack

    Auckland CBD, Auckland

    Steven is a well-respected specialist in Criminal defence. He is regularly instructed to act for clients facing allegations of serious crime, including Serious Drug Offending, Fraud Offending, Human Trafficking and Murder/Manslaughter offences. He has appeared, and is available for instruction, across all Courts in New Zealand.

    Steven has a reputation amongst client’s and other lawyers for his work-ethic and meticulous preparation to ensure that he can achieve the best result possible for you. He is an effective and persuasive advocate in Court.

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    Thode Utting & Co.

    Albany, Auckland

    We are a specialist criminal defence law firm with experienced lawyers. We appear regularly in both District and High Courts in Auckland region and Northland.

    We are able to help you whether you face traffic charges (like drink driving) or serious criminal charges (like burglary, sexual offences or drug offending).

    We undertake limited matters on Legal Aid (if you qualify) and can take time payments or credit card payments if that suits your financial situation better.

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    Adam J Holland

    Auckland CBD, Auckland

    Adam has extensive experience representing clients on all manner of criminal charges, including those related to sex, drugs, murder and serious violence, traffic and fraud cases and appeal work. Whether the case needs to proceed to a jury trial or requires a considered and negotiated resolution, Adam brings a committed and measured approach focused on achieving the best possible result for his clients.

    John Munro

    Auckland CBD, Auckland

    An accomplished criminal lawyer based in Auckland, John is highly skilled and experienced in criminal cases of many kinds. His career has spanned two decades and included work in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom: as a criminal defense and civil lawyer in New Plymouth, as a crown prosecutor in Rotorua, and a significant period honing his skills as a solicitor in one of London’s most highly-regarded criminal defense firms. Upon return to New Zealand, John established Sentinel Chambers in Victoria Street. This is now a leading criminal defense chambers, home to a highly qualified group of Auckland barristers.

    John’s experience as a criminal defense lawyer covers a very wide array of cases in varied areas of law including sexual cases, drugs cases, violence cases, and more—you can find out more about this by looking at his expertise. Whatever the case may be, he takes a meticulous, measured, and pragmatic approach that’s geared at achieving the best outcome for a client.